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Rewilding the Sea: How to Save our Oceans | Charles Clover

  This hopeful book celebrates what happens when we step aside and let nature repair the damage. Whether it is the overfishing of bluefin tuna across the Atlantic, the destruction of coral gardens by dredgers in Lyme Bay or the restoration of oysters on the East Coast of America, Charles Clover chronicles how determined individuals […]


A Seabird’s Cry | Adam Nicolson

  In this engaging book, the reader takes flight through the lives of ten species of seabird. Nicloson translates data and findings from the latest scientific research into compelling stories, combining them with intimate portraits gleaned from the thousands of hours he has spent absorbed in the lives of these astonishing seabirds. They are master […]


Deep Water: The World in the Ocean | James Bradley

  A vast journey spanning the breadth, depths, past, present and future of the oceans from their evolution and science, to their exploration and exploitation. Woven through with mystery, wisdom and wonder, Deep Water explores humankind’s complex relationship with the oceans along with an uncompromising view of the environmental catastrophe unfolding, but it is also […]


The Sea Around Us | Rachel Carson

  Author of the iconic Silent Spring, marine biologist Rachel Carson is at her lyrical best as she tells us the history of the oceans, from their creation to what she imagined their future might hold. Published over seventy years ago, The Sea Around Us remains one of the most influential books about the natural […]

Meat | Joseph D’Lacey

  Scratch the surface of the ordinary-looking community of Abyrne, and there’s deceit and depravity galore. Juxtaposing the banality of everyday life with the macabre in a town dominated by the twin forces of a sinister religious sect and a meat processing industry, d’Lacey conjures a wild, subversive story that probes the darkest corners of […]

Parable of the Sower | Octavia E. Butler

  America is a place of chaos, where violence rules and only the rich and powerful are safe. Lauren Olamina, a young woman with the extraordinary power to feel the pain of others as her own, records everything she sees of this broken world in her journal. Then, one terrible night, everything alters beyond recognition, […]

The New Atlantis | Ursula K. Le Guin

  You can’t go wrong with anything by Le Guin, but this novella is a remarkably prescient prediction of the climactic and geological upheaval wrought by a warming world. Set in the near-future in an America paralysed by corporate control of government, global warming is causing continents to sink, submerging much of the world under […]

Stochasticity: A METAtropolis Story | Tobias S. Buckell

  Reg Stratton is a bouncer eking a life out in the decaying wilds just outside a dystopian post-oil Detroit – a city in collapse. But when he gets sucked into making a little money on the side by tasking out his time via an anonymous app, he finds himself tangled up with ecoterrorists who […]

The Blue Book of Nebo | Manon Steffan Ros

  Dylan was six when The End came, back in 2018; when the electricity went off for good, and the ‘normal’ 21st-century world he knew disappeared. Now he’s 14 and he and his Mum have survived in their isolated hilltop house above the village of Nebo in north-west Wales, learning new skills, and returning to […]