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In 2016, Sandy Winterbottom embarked on an epic tall-ship voyage from the busy port of Montevideo to the emptiness of the Antarctic Peninsula. Through vivid and vital descriptions we follow her journey across the vast southern oceans, sensing the ‘feeling of lightness as the ship falls away into the trough of a wave’ and the ‘toothpaste-fresh’ hue of the sea. But sailing alongside her is the shadow of Anthony Ford, a 15 year old from Edinburgh, whose grave Winterbottom encounters on the tiny island of South Georgia, leading to an obsession that diverts her adventure into the brutal world of industrial-scale whaling. The two stories culminate in the unlikely true-life tale of a vegan who ends up befriending the men who partook in the slaughter of two million whales.

In a world that seems increasingly divided, The Two-Headed Whale reminds us of our common humanity and resurrects a history of environmental exploitation that holds crucial parallels with the modern day climate emergency.

The Lonely Polar Bear - Khoa Le

A polar bear cub finds himself alone on an iceberg after a terrible storm. Without his mother, he befriends puffins, whales, and a mysterious little girl. Vietnamese artist Khoa Le has illustrated a beautiful and whimsical story that subtly introduces young readers to the impact of climate change.


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Dear Greenpeace by Simon James

Emily has found a whale in the backyard in her pond. Wanting to know how to help the animal, she writes to Greenpeace – and Greenpeace writes back. This is the beginning of a an unlikely (and charming) correspondence, teaching both adults and kids how they can learn from one another about nature. U.S. readers will find this book under the title Dear Mr. Blueberry. For readers aged four to eight.


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