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“Wain’s poetry collection is full of sharply-crafted insights into the world we have, and the ways we might open our doors to something different that we’d be proud to leave to the generations that come after us – which is the living definition of Thrutopian writing.

We build the worlds we want to see, and we imagine them into being. And then there are ley lines stretching out across the terrain of the collective unconscious and others can walk them, and others and others. Until the day they feel like the way everyone has always walked.” – Manda Scott



“Hands down, Natasha Pulley is one of the greatest writers of our generation.  If the human race survives beyond this crisis point, I fully expect our descendants to look back on her entire body of work as little short of genius. Her shaping of language, of character and the clarity and skill of her plots – to say nothing of the deeply scientific underlay and the rather clever experiments with time, leaves me ever in awe.

None of her books to date has been strictly Thrutopian- until now. If we stretch points a little, The Mars House is an examination of how things can go very, very badly wrong – and potentially how human nature leans towards decency in the end.” – Manda Scott



Claire North started writing when she was 14 years old.  This doesn’t guarantee that she’s a writing genius – but actually, she is. Notes from the Burning Age is set in a post-apocalyptic future where The Burning Age is a time remembered with great fear: humanity pushed too hard and the spirits of the earth, returned to exact…not quite revenge because they don’t care about people, but they did what they must to stop further damage and humanity barely survived…magically written.” – Manda Scott