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Running Wild - Michael Morpurgo

Kids who love adventures will be gripped by this story of a boy named Will, who disappears into the jungle on an elephant named Oona. When Oona runs away from a tsunami with Will on her back, the two are forced to survive in the jungle alone. A poignant and dramatic read which invites kids to learn about becoming one with nature, it’s best suited for readers aged eight and older.


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‘There he was, his trunk wrapped in hers. Whatever hurt or sorrow befell him was not really happening to him. He was on the other bank with his mother. He was not here.’

When a young elephant is brutally orphaned by poachers, he begins terrorising the countryside, earning his malevolent name, the Gravedigger, from the humans he kills and then tenderly buries with leaves. Manu, the studious son of a rice farmer, loses his cousin to the Gravedigger and is drawn into the alluring world of ivory hunting.

Emma is working on a documentary set in a Kerala wildlife park with her best friend. Her work leads her to witness the porous boundary between conservation and corruption, until eventually she finds herself caught up in her own betrayal.

‘One of the most unusual and affecting books… a compulsively readable, devastating novel.’ Jonathan Safran Foer


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