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Reg Stratton is a bouncer eking a life out in the decaying wilds just outside a dystopian post-oil Detroit – a city in collapse. But when he gets sucked into making a little money on the side by tasking out his time via an anonymous app, he finds himself tangled up with ecoterrorists who have a creative and fast-moving plan. Reg ends up in the middle of a riot that could change his life, the city, maybe even the world… as long as he keeps cool and makes the right choice. It’s a fun adventure that takes an unexpectedly hopeful turn.

This novella was originally a part of the award nominated Metatropolis series, edited by John Scalzi and Jay Lake.

In a world with no air, if you want to breathe, you have to pay. In this dystopian novel, three teens with wildly different experiences of the world cross paths. This gripping and suspenseful novel is a page-turner for YA readers looking for sci-fi with an environmental theme.


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