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In this delightful consumerist caper, illustrated by David Roberts, the wonderfully hairy Inch and Grub compete to acquire possessions, from fire and chairs to phones and computers. The contest spirals to ever ridiculous heights until they each have a HUGE wobbling mountain of stuff! But their desire to go one better than the other is in danger of toppling their friendship until, at last, they realise what is most valuable of all – each other.

Suitable for Children Age 3-7

When Schumacher’s original eco-bible was published in 1973, it had a profound effect on people who were ready to question mainstream economics and became a global best-seller. “Wisdom demands a new orientation of science towards the organic, the gentle, the non-violent, the elegant and the beautiful,” argues Schumacher, whose collection of essays contrasts the efficiency of large-scale industrial systems with the resilience and flexibility of smaller, decentralised models.

In challenging the paradigm of mindless economic consumption, Schumacher advocates for the concept of “enoughness” and argues that economic systems should service communities, not corporations.

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‘Something between a history book and a fable about consumerism, The Nutmeg’s Curse tells the story of how rapacious greed for spices led the Dutch East India Company to seize control of Indonesia’s Banda Islands – then the world’s only source of nutmeg – in the 17th century. Ghosh prises apart this overlooked history to draw a series of troubling links between the spice trade, imperialism, capitalism, climate change and war. He is a brilliant storyteller, and this striking and disturbing book helps us understand how the modern world came to be.’ Nick Hunt, guest contributor to May 2022’s Rebel Library Recommends