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“It is always easier to deny reality” writes Naomi Klein, “than to allow our worldview to be shattered.” Yet as her powerful polemic demonstrates, denialism has become a potent, corrosive and lucrative industry. Interlacing social, economic, and environmental narratives, she exposes the stark reality of the fossil fuel agenda, confronts the deep-rooted myths of capitalism, and explores how a radical shift in humanity’s values and systems can lead to a fairer, more sustainable future.

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Angela France’s distinctive new collection of poems eloquently considers the troubling terms of existence in an age of climate catastrophe and technological change. How do we negotiate a world where capitalism and greed threaten a fragile earth, where technology seems to promise us connection but might also fuel isolation? Where even finding solace in nature reminds us that the seasons can no longer be trusted? How is human urge and want hastening us towards our own ‘endling’ – and what might it mean to be the ‘last’?

In reframing ecopoetics in her own instinctive, radical, lyrical form, France juxtaposes the accelerated, all-consuming speed of contemporary and future times with the ‘longtime’ and ancient, and considers whether, rather than collison-course, there might be a better way to coexist. Where extinction threatens, these wry, alert poems and their eloquent, earthy voices try to find a way through and look for hope.


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Offering a counter-history of how economic growth emerged in the context of colonialism, fossil-fuelled industrialisation, and capitalist modernity, The Future Is Degrowth argues that the ideology of growth conceals the rising inequalities and ecological destructions associated with capitalism, and points to desirable alternatives to it. This book provides a vision for post-capitalism beyond growth. It charts a path forward through policies that democratise the economy, “now-topias” that create free spaces for experimentation, and counter-hegemonic movements that make it possible to break with the logic of growth.


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Climate change is inextricably linked with the consumerist, capitalist society in which we live. How do we stop the impending catastrophe and how can we create a movement capable of confronting it head-on? Post-Growth Living: For an Alternative Hedonism is plea for a new and ecologically sustainable vision of the good life.


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In his counter model of a post-growth economy, sustainability researcher Niko Paech calls for restrictions upon industrial value added processes and for patterns of self-sufficiency to be strengthened. He argues that his form of economic activity would not only be more frugal but also more stable and environmentally friendly.


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‘Something between a history book and a fable about consumerism, The Nutmeg’s Curse tells the story of how rapacious greed for spices led the Dutch East India Company to seize control of Indonesia’s Banda Islands – then the world’s only source of nutmeg – in the 17th century. Ghosh prises apart this overlooked history to draw a series of troubling links between the spice trade, imperialism, capitalism, climate change and war. He is a brilliant storyteller, and this striking and disturbing book helps us understand how the modern world came to be.’ Nick Hunt, guest contributor to May 2022’s Rebel Library Recommends