Sea Change: An Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean | Christina Gerhardt


This book takes a relatively simple question: which are the islands endangered by changing sea levels? And expands it into a rich tapestry of art and poetry, culture and story. The result is not only a powerful and inspiring read, it’s also a beautiful book. The pages are decorated with elegant maps that show the extent of sea level rise on these islands in heart wrenching detail. But this is only part of the message. According to the IPCC, these low-lying lands are a harbinger to the future that awaits coastal areas the world over. Amsterdam, Shanghai, New York, Mumbai, Lagos and Florida are just a small selection of the countless cities that will suffer the devastating effects of higher seas and a chaotic climate in years to come, unless we act now. 

The clarion call of the book is twofold: it aims to share the unique culture of these lands with the rest of the world, while at the same time raising awareness of their struggle by highlighting their incredible resilience and strength. In the words of the islanders themselves: ‘We are not drowning! We are fighting!’

– Philip Webb Gregg