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Watership Down | Richard Adams

This adventure novel about a small band of rabbits in southern England has been a worldwide bestseller for over 40 years. The rabbits must leave their home when one receives a vision of terrible destruction. Young readers will cheer as the rabbits venture into a strange new world, attempting to create a better society on […]


The Joyful Environmentalist | Isabel Losada

The Joyful Environmentalist is very much an XR book, with two chapters describing the April Rebellion from the position of the XR Samba band. The rest is about all the ways in which we can change our lives to support our planet. Dr Rowan Williams writes of it: “Perhaps the most important message any environmentalist […]

The Treeline | Ben Rawlence

The Arctic treeline is the frontline of climate change, where the trees have been creeping towards the pole for fifty years. These vast swathes of forests, which encircle the north of the globe in an almost unbroken green ring, comprise the world’s second largest biome. Scientists are only just beginning to understand the astonishing significance […]

Every Leaf a Hallelujah | Ben Okri

Mangoshi lives with her mum and dad in a village near the forest. When her mum becomes ill, Mangoshi knows only one thing can help her – a special flower that grows deep in the forest. The little girl needs all her courage when she sets out alone to find and bring back the flower, […]

Neptune’s Projects | Rishi Dastidar

What do you do when you are a god – but powerless and unable to prevent one of your favourite species from their insatiable, accelerating death wish? Do you try to shout louder and more insistently, or instead reinvent yourself as a troubadour of romantic ruin? Such are the dilemmas posed by Rishi Dastidar in his third […]


Why Rebel | Jay Griffiths

Why rebel? Because our footprint on the Earth has never mattered more than now. How we treat it, in the spirit of gift or of theft, has never been more important. Because we need a politics of kindness, but the very opposite is on the rise. Libertarian fascism, with its triumphal brutalism, its racism and […]

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Being Ecological | Timothy Morton

Don’t care about ecology? This book is for you. Why is everything we think we know about ecology wrong? Is there really any difference between ‘humans’ and ‘nature’? Does this mean we even have a future? Timothy Morton, who has been called ‘Our most popular guide to the new epoch’ (Guardian), sets out to show […]


What Fire | Alice Miller

‘What Fire is about how to continue as catastrophe crawls in, when the climate crisis has its grip on us all, the internet has been shut down, and the buildings are burning up. What happens when the philosophers never arrive? What songs are still worth singing? In her third collection, Alice Miller takes a fierce, […]