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In this debut pamphlet JLM Morton tells the story of a year in the life of a lake on Cotswold Water Park where she was poet in residence. If rainforests are the world’s lungs, wetlands are the lifeblood – the Park is set to become the largest man-made wetland in Europe, giving a home to vitally important species of bats, butterflies, fish, birds, mammals, invertebrates, plants. From brave black poplar trees among the last of their kind to the life coach white magpie, Morton writes about the many species that inhabit the lake in lyrical poems that are both stunning and poignant.

‘These rich and vital poems break the surface of waters both restorative and vulnerable—reading them, we’re immersed in another world that pools and glints out of the corner of our eyes.’ ~ Paul Farley

‘JLM Morton’s vivid, playful and potent poems in Lake 32 teem with the sounds and small lives of the waterscape, drawing the reader into their delicate aegis as inexorably as the promise of the first warm swim of spring.’ ~ Adam Horovitz