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Connie Hub - Cookie and the most annoying girl in the World

Cookie is ready to save the world. Unfortunately, the most annoying girl in the world has latched on and made Cookie lose her best friends. The funny book turns into a serious message about pollution and the environment. Readers aged eight to eleven will particularly love its humour.


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In Passerine, Kirsten Luckins’ epistolary poems distill the daily process of grieving, healing, remembering, through nature’s wild and atomic industry. Reading this collection is like pressing your ear to the ground to hear the orchestra of the world: alive with buzzing hum and beating wing; death, all the while, lurking on the doorstep. The language is lush, tack-sharp and playful, capturing both the contradictions of being in and of the world, and the rare honesty of a true and fierce friendship. It’s this friendship that binds the collection: a golden thread of sunlight.