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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Judi Barrett

If quirky, unusual metaphors captivate your child, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a perfect introduction to the climate crisis and consumption culture. The fantasy fiction book — with unforgettable illustrations — was published in 1978. It tackles extreme weather events, and what humans can do about them, with surreal humour. Read it to your pre-school children.


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The story of Noah’s Ark gets a cli-fi reworking in this work of historical fiction. Geraldine McCaughrean imagines the story as told by the voices of Noah’s family, including his inquisitive daughter. It’s a gripping story about coming face-to-face with disastrous, extreme weather events.

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Things We Didn’t See Coming follows a single man over three decades as he tries to survive in an increasingly savage apocalyptic world that is at once utterly fantastic and yet disturbingly familiar. Here, coming-of-age is complicated not only by family troubles and mercurial love affairs, but treacherous weather, unstable governments, pandemic, and technology run amok.

‘A small marvel, overflowing with ideas. Scary, funny, shocking and touching by turns, it combines the readerly pleasures of constant reorientation with the sober charge of an urgent warning. Things We Didn’t See Coming refracts our life-and-death fears through those moments of human contact where they are most keenly felt.’ —The Guardian 

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