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Robert Frost’s classic poem receives a child-like twist through charming illustrations by Susan Jeffers. This picture book, which has been in print since 1978, is beloved by generations of children for its evocations of New England winters and a man with “promises to keep.” It’s a beautifully illustrated tale about human interconnectedness with nature, even in the depths of winter.

Suitable for Children Age 4-12


In this delightful consumerist caper, illustrated by David Roberts, the wonderfully hairy Inch and Grub compete to acquire possessions, from fire and chairs to phones and computers. The contest spirals to ever ridiculous heights until they each have a HUGE wobbling mountain of stuff! But their desire to go one better than the other is in danger of toppling their friendship until, at last, they realise what is most valuable of all – each other.

Suitable for Children Age 3-7

Eco Rangers - Candice Lemon-Scott

Young readers who love mysteries and the environment will love the action-packed story of Ebony and Jay, best friends who love to rescue wildlife. After a devastating wildfire in the bushland, Ebony and Jay are doing their best to find and rescue injured animals. Readers will help Ebony and Jay search for clues and nurse a possum back to health.


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The Story of the Blue Planet - Andri Snaer Magnuson

Brimir and Hulda are best friends on a blue planet without any grown-ups. Until one day, a strange-looking adult crashes down on a rocket ship. This enchanting story by Icelandic author Andri Snaer Magnuson is filled with magic and generosity.


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How to Bee - Bren MacDibble

Nine-year-old Peony wants to be a bee – but all the bees in Australia have died, and children like her have to pollinate the fruit trees with feather wands. It’s a great introduction to dystopian fiction for readers aged eight to twelve.


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We are the Water Protectors

Inspired by the many Indigenous-led movements across North America, this story is a rallying cry to safeguard the Earth’s water from harm and corruption. This bold and colourful picture book is best suited for readers aged three to seven.


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One World - Michael Foreman

One World is a picture book about pollution and ecological devastation that manages to be utterly charming. A brother and sister learn about the planet by playing by a rock pool at the beach.


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Gilberto and the Wind - Marie Hall Ets

Gilberto can’t see his best friend. But he feels him near. His best friend is the wind. This charming book — grounded by Ets’ colorful, minimalist drawings — introduces kids to the unseen world around them. It was originally published in 1963 and remains a whimsical introduction to a nuanced relationship with nature.


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The Lonely Polar Bear - Khoa Le

A polar bear cub finds himself alone on an iceberg after a terrible storm. Without his mother, he befriends puffins, whales, and a mysterious little girl. Vietnamese artist Khoa Le has illustrated a beautiful and whimsical story that subtly introduces young readers to the impact of climate change.


Suitable for Children Age 6-12

The Lump World - Bill Peet

Wump World is about to be destroyed. When the Pollutians invade and turn the planet’s lush, green meadows into concrete jungles, the Wumps are left to salvage their lives from what is left over. This picture book was originally published in 1970 and remains a thoughtful kid-friendly introduction to environmentalism.


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