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Running Wild - Michael Morpurgo

Kids who love adventures will be gripped by this story of a boy named Will, who disappears into the jungle on an elephant named Oona. When Oona runs away from a tsunami with Will on her back, the two are forced to survive in the jungle alone. A poignant and dramatic read which invites kids to learn about becoming one with nature, it’s best suited for readers aged eight and older.


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This clever retelling of Snow White takes place in a land of perpetual winter, post-climate breakdown and post-cataclysm. When Snow runs away from a hunter in the forest, she begins a lengthy and arduous journey with only a bear by her side. This is a “fairy tale for the future.”

Suitable for Young Adults 12+

Chilean-American writer Isabel Allende’s first YA novel takes place in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest. Fifteen-year-old Alexander Cold joins his grandmother on the trip of a lifetime to the remote wilds of South America. But while exploring the jungle, Alexander overhears the plot of a greedy entrepreneur. Soon, he is dragged into an adventure, led by a mysterious spirit guide.

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Set in an uncanny dystopian future, this speculative fiction debut by Finnish author Emmi Itäranta became an instant YA classic upon its publication in 2014. It tells the story of seventeen-year-old Noria Kaitio, who is learning to become a tea master in the new Scandinavian Union. After her father’s death, Noria is thrown into an adventure that will force her to choose between personal safety and the fate of her community.

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Every Leaf a Hallelujah - Ben Okra

Mangoshi lives with her mum and dad in a village near the forest. When her mum becomes ill, Mangoshi knows only one thing can help her – a special flower that grows deep in the forest. The little girl needs all her courage when she sets out alone to find and bring back the flower, and all her kindness to overpower the dangers she encounters on the quest. Ben Okri brings the power of his mystic vision to a timely story that weaves together wonder, adventure and environmentalism.


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