Bewilderment | Richard Powers

“Life is something we need to stop correcting…Every one of us is an experiment, and we don’t even know what the experiment is testing. Every belief will be outgrown, in time.”

In the Booker-shortlisted follow-up to The Overstory, Power’s narrator Theo Byrne is a university astrobiologist who has found a way to search for life on other planets dozens of light years away. But he is also mourning the death of his environmental-activist wife and caring for Robin, their neurodivergent nine-year-old. Robin is funny, loving and intensely engaged in the natural world. But he becomes increasingly disturbed, and after a violent outburst at school, the strength of the father-son bond will be tested to its limits. What can a father do, when those around him refuse to understand his rare and troubled child? And how can he reveal to his boy the truth about our bewildered world?

‘Powers has the rare gift of being able to deal with big ideas while keeping you interested in the lives and emotions of his characters.’Sebastian Faulks

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