Cover photo of Be The Ultimate Friend of the Earth. 100 questions to boost your climate and nature IQ. by Lucy Siegle

Journalist and broadcaster Lucy Siegle tackles ten big topics pertinent to our urgent quest to reach net zero. Through stories and questions, she explores what we can all do to get there.

The book includes revealing questions on recycling and reusing, the importance of flora and fauna and planet-friendly food, find out how much you really know about how our consumer habits and lifestyles are affecting the environment, and the positive changes we can make now to ensure we’re all true friends of the earth. Packed full of stories and tips that show the people, the projects and the places that are already living as if this planet was precious, this is an essential handbook for anyone looking to improve their understanding of how we can all have a positive impact on Planet Earth.

‘This is a quite simply a marvellous book. I couldn’t find a trace of po-faced sanctimony nor yet the patronising tones of an expert attempting to speak to mortals. The conversational style – the beguiling marriage between accessible science and conspiratorial whispers which make it OK not to know everything – is really uplifting … may everyone get the rush of pleasure from it that I have done.’ Sir Tim Smit, co-founder of the Eden Project.