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Rebel Talk | Extinction Rebellion

Responding to a call from poet Rip Bulkeley’s call, sixty-three poets contributed to the anthology Rebel Talk. As Philip Gross’s Foreword explains, the poems “…seek to show what, uniquely, these times are, and why it is once again so urgent that creative artists respond to the challenges they pose, in particular to the climate emergency. […]

The Emissary | Yoko Tawada

Acclaimed Japanese author Yoko Tawada delivers a slim, smart, bleak, funny, surreal glimpse at Japan after a natural disaster. The country has cut itself off from the rest of the world and the only people who can get up and walk around are the elderly. Everybody else has become too weak. This clever look at […]

Exodus | Julie Bertagna

The year is 2100 and fifteen-year-old Mara’s island is in danger. As the sea levels rise, her home could soon be underwater. It’s up to Mara to lead her community to safety –  and to figure out a way to stop the rest of the planet’s land from slipping beneath the waves. Read our Librarian’s […]

Ring of Bright Water | Gavin Maxwell

YA readers looking for real-life examples of humans living alongside nature can turn to Gavin Maxwell’s memoir. Originally published in 1960, Maxwell’s story about living with a trio of otters on the remote west coast of Scotland is a beautiful and poignant reminder about the power of connecting with animals. Read our Librarian’s top climate […]

The World According To Anna | Jostein Gaarder

Fifteen-year-old Anna has begun receiving terrifying visions, sent to her from the future. She is receiving transmissions from the year 2082, when the natural world has died out and humans are left to wander and struggle on a dry planet. Expertly crafted by the author of Sophie’s Choice, this book packs a powerful ecological message […]

Not the End of the World | Geraldine McCaughrean

The story of Noah’s Ark gets a cli-fi reworking in this work of historical fiction. Geraldine McCaughrean imagines the story as told by the voices of Noah’s family, including his inquisitive daughter. It’s a gripping story about coming face-to-face with disastrous, extreme weather events. Read our Librarian’s top climate choices for Young Adults here

Nature’s Confession | JL Morin

An exciting, fast-paced thriller with an ecological message as two teens fight to save the planet, this cli-fi modern classic explores the themes of labour, pollution, technology, and relationships. There’s a romantic heart beating at the centre of this award-winning novel – and an environmentalist core that will stir the imagination. Read our Librarian’s top […]

A Year of Nature Poems | Joseph Coelho

This collection of nature poems makes a perfect gift for the teen with a poetic sensibility. Twelve poems honour the natural world through each of the seasons —beautifully— illustrated, gifting readers a lyrical glance on the Earth’s many treasures. Read our Librarian’s top climate choices for Young Adults here  

The Marrow Thieves | Cherie Dimaline

In a dystopian future world, the indigenous people of North America are being hunted for their bone marrow, which contains something precious that the rest of the world has lost, but desperate to recover: the ability to dream. Dimaline’s classic best-seller which follows the challenges faced by the fifteen-year-old orphan Frenchie, explores language, intergenerational trauma […]